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How to lose weight the easy way

By large you read the title of this and decided that you had to read this because losing weight needs to be easy. Well let me explain. Losing weight is not easy, there is not a quick way out of the weight you didn't put on over night. But my way isn't hard either. I am down to 227 from 240 on January first. I had my first cheat day on day 21 and felt horrible I don't wanna be fat anymore. Here is how I am doing it! 1. Seriously count your calories Counting what you eat is one of the hardest things you will have to do 2. Drink water I have bought one water bottle that is 40oz this is my favorite waterbottle ever and I have TONS of water bottles. I am able to fill it twice and have the recommend about of water plus some. 3. Make juice This isn't fruit juice this is carrot juice or kale juice more vegetable less sugar. It helps you get all of your vegetables and you also get regular. 4. Buy a fitness tracker Sometimes you need a little motivation. A fitness tracker …

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