Review: A Grave Prediction by Victoria Laurie

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Synopsis: When Abby is sent to Los Angeles to help train FBI officers to use their intuition, she encounters a case that only she can solve: a series of bank robberies in which the thieves made off with loads of cash but left no clues. Abby’s sixth sense leads her team to a tract of land recently cleared for development, where she gets a vision of four buried bodies. However, a site search turns up only ancient bones and pottery from an American Indian tribe, which is enough to delay construction for years.With a furious developer and dubious FBI agents on her back, Abby is losing credibility fast. But Abby’s talent rarely leads her astray, and if the bodies aren’t there yet, that means four deaths can still be stopped. She’ll just have to dig a little deeper....

Review: Victoria did it again. I am n…

Road Trip Playlists

Playlists for road trips are very essential

There are a few things I can't handle very well radio static is one of them, so we purchased Sirius XM for our car for long trips, this is good but the issue comes in that we don't really LOVE the stations & we get stuck listening to the same music over and over and over. So we bought Spotify. Spotify has become like a haven for us. 
Listening to it almost EVERYWHERE we possibly can, and having it has made things so much nicer, we have purchased the family plan so that all of us can listen to our own music when ever we want. 
After doing MUCH research asking the interwebs and figuring out which has the best benifits we came across that Spotify is the best bang for our buck. 
We are Apple users, everything we own is Apple, so we thought magically that we should do Apple Music, but I didn't like that the family had to have family sharing set up, and even though we do have it set up because we like to share our apps so we don…

Quick Recipe: Italian Pasta Salad

Sometimes we just need a quick recipe to get to the pot luck or group event. So I have one quick and easy recipe to share.

Italian Pasta Salad

One box / bag of tri-colored Rotini noodles
One bottle of wishbone Italian Dressing
One package of pepperoni
One package of string cheese

Cook noodles according to directions on package.

Cool noodles, add wishbone dressing. Let sit while cutting pepperoni and string cheese. Add the amount where it doesn't look to over whelmed by the cheese and pepperoni but still could have enough per bite.

Refrigerate and you are good to go in little to no time.

To jazz it up you can add other things like broccoli, cauliflower, olives, and carrots to add a little more crunch to the salad.

Have you made something similar? Let me know!

Review: Love Waits | Gerri Hill

Review: Love Waits | Gerri HillWhere to buy Amazon Bella Books Author site Kobo B&N My rating ***** Facts: Published in July 2010 Book has 264 pages It is considered Lesbian Fiction/ Lesbian Romance Book Description: High school sweethearts…and nobody knew.
Book Type: Paperback
Acquired: Purchased Ashleigh Pence had been the all-American high school girl: cheerleader, prom queen…and in love with another girl. Gina Granbury hasn’t thought about Calloway High in twenty years, but the arrival of the invitation to the class reunion brings back memories of Ashleigh and the betrayal that drove them apart. With no real choice, Ashleigh has to go the event, hoping that it’s not the one reunion that Gina decides to attend after all these years. Gina had expected to dismiss the possibility as easily as she has during all the years since, but the curiosity is suddenly strong. Her long-broken heart has never mended, but that’s no reason to go back in time…is it?
Review:  Any book that I can lose…

It's a Universal Day - Our Guide to traveling & doing theme parks

Universal Studio's & Adventure Island
Going to Universal was something that I had been hoping for years. I am a parent who loves adventures, but not rides. So this year we got to take a trip to Universal. We only got to spend one short day there, so we didn't get to see or do / experience everything we would have loved to. I say it's a great place to go for older children. 

Ages 9 and up would love this place. Bring Walking shoes and schedule more than one day. 
Those are my huge tips haha. With having a daughter who has sensitive skin and allergies, and us being from a different part of the U.S. we didn't know how she was going to handle things. So we brought her walking shoes, which didn't allow her feet to breathe, and since we were trying to cram all of this two park experience in to one day we were "hoofing" it. Her feet were so raw from everything that day that we didn't know what to do for the next two days at Disney. 

So these are my tips for…

The Famous Cucumber Salsa

It is the end of the harvest season, which means you have abundance of cucumbers and tomatoes, some extra onions and possibly some corn. What do you do with all of these things? Make some cucumber salsa.

I recently went to a camp out with some friends and they had this awesome salsa, and I asked for the recipe. She said exactly what it was and how to find it. I loved it so much I made my batch quickly after. Passing it around to my co-workers they have each made their own version. Below is my version.
1 scoop of salsa seasoning

2 tablespoons lime juice

Welcome to a Revamp of The Cave Moms

Overhauling things is what I do best. Mainly my own things because I can never decide fully what I want to do. I have been working on a revamp of The Cave Moms for a few months now. We are now live.

While the site look is yet to change, How things work and posts are going to come a little more frequently. We will have posts going up 5 days a week. While some of the posts may have been written in the summer and posted in the winter I am a busy person and until I can make this a full time gig. It will work out I promise.

Here's the schedule as of today on what you will be reading starting fully next week do to the holiday.


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