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The Life Decisions

Life is funny in so many different ways, if you follow us on instagram you'd notice we were thinking about tiny home life for a little while.. yes, this is a dream of mine to be able to go where ever we want not have to be stuck in one place. GOSH the possibilities are endless. Well that lasted a whole month. We need to be real with our selves. Tiny Home isn't going to be possible until Mini Bear is done graduated. So now we sit and ponder what we want to do with our lives. I noticed a house for sale in our community. Well we are currently waiting to hear back from our loan officer to see if this is something we would be able to do. During this little adventure I also created a new business, so being on the road wouldn't be as tough.. Now I am realizing thought it is a business that is better off being a started in a stable place.

I also contemplated going back to school, for what I am not even sure possibly a marketing degree or business degree with a side of counseling,…

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