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Weight Loss Week 2

Welcome to another hapless post about my amazing trip down the weight loss trail... Sadly we have hit a wall. With in the first two weeks we saw our pounds just disappear we are not even sure where they went with how fast they went. And now they just decided to stick around on week two. While we have changed our eating habits, we fell pray to some bad things again once we went on our mini vacation. We came down to figuring out what we were having for dinner and we ate out almost every meal.

So I expect to go home from our vacation and look at the scale and be discouraged. But my mind tells me not to be discouraged because even though I may have not eaten things like I should have I didn't really over do it. So we will see what the scale says after our vacation but the best news will be when I can say I am in the 220's and I am feeling amazing!

This is my Little Bear and I *mommajbear* at the homecoming football game  we root our team on in the freezing cold! YAY us! 

Pumpkin patches and Fall fun

Family time is one of the most important things to me, I believe in new experiences and creating memories. In the process of doing such things we see and do so many different things.

So far we had done a few different things one of them has been the trip we took to the pumpkin patch.

Duck races are the highlight of any pumpkin fest challenge. The more water you pump in the faster your duck goes... Sadly every time I tried it didn't go so well. 

Who doesn't love a brother sister challenge, especially when your teams are rivals as well?

 I have to say this is the most fun I had watching them do this challenge the hampster wheel. Something to but it makes things go so much better if you can figure out how to stay on your feet.
The beginning of the colors changing and the beginning of the crisp air. Always something to look forward too. Each time I go to some place with my family I remember how happy we were while we were there. I love traveling, someday maybe we can make it as di…

The ice cream fiasco

My thing in life is I don't like to lie to people. It is who I am. It begins to be more stress if you are lying to people and can't remember the lie that you came up with in the first place. So I don't lie. When I am accused of lying to people I take huge offense to that. Huge! Offense! So Today being national walk your child to school day which my school district isn't celebrating until Friday for some odd reason, made me look like a liar because I was just going by what is on the calendar that I was given.

Long story short I ended my day with ice cream. While I didn't purchase any I got it out of my freezer from a few days ago the case is none the less important that while eating Paleo and low carb you shouldn't eat ice cream. Well today it was either ice cream or get plastered drunk. I choose the better of the two and decided to eat ice cream. Look at each day as some sort of enlightenment and after that find the positive and keep going!

I had to look at my…

Weight loss Week 1

Weightloss Week 1

This week has been one of the more challenging weeks. We started a weight loss diet where we are basically no/low carb and Paleo. Meaning no breads more meats and protein but we are still eating cheeses. Problem happens when you are eating this way. You need to up your fiber or your are not going to going any time soon.

This happened to us. We have been struggling in this area all week. So in the end today we opted to have a Chinese food picnic and a burger and cheese curds with ice cream for dinner and a later dinner... But here is the thing.  To be honest here I used to eat possibly 3 burgers by my self, plus fries. I would sometimes order two double burgers. So would Momma N. Tonight we split a small beef and broccoli and split the cheese burger the cheese curds but we each had our own ice creams and we made zucchini noodles to go with the beef and broccoli.

So I do not think that tonight's dinner was hopeless. Not at all we are really limiting how much we are…

The Pumpkin Craze

Funny story I am one of those people that doesn't like to do things because everyone else is doing them. But to be honest it's hard not to follow the pumpkin craze. I realized in may that it is impossible to find pumpkin seeds in any other season other than fall. I also realized that i am in love with MC Donald's pumpkin spice latte. 
The creamy smooth sweetness and the delicious taste of the pumpkin spice that hits your taste buds just right. This is no joke, I love this drink. 
There are also amazing chips called pumpkin seed chips that are gluten free. Those are also super uber amazing as well! Those I found secretly at Aldis and they are good with both sweets and with salty things oh and hummus they are delicious with the red pepper hummus! 
Sometimes you just can't stop eating pumpkin seeds! 

So this blog post was my ode to the pumpkin! Haha


Welcome to The Cave Moms 
The cave moms started when we decided to to become Paleo eaters. We are unhealthy moms who are trying to get better and being better for our selves and our daughter. The cave moms stems from the "caveman eating style" and from us being "momma bears" 
Currently our family consists of momma J. Momma N. Little bear and Gus the cat. 
We live in a little town in wisconsin, we enjoy rooting for the Packers, badgers and (team jimmy Johnson) lol.
We are a lesbian family, two moms, a daughter and one cat. Once and a while a fish until it dies but all in all. We love each other. So buckle up and enjoy our blog. Stay tuned for the fun stuff!