Pumpkin patches and Fall fun

Family time is one of the most important things to me, I believe in new experiences and creating memories. In the process of doing such things we see and do so many different things.

So far we had done a few different things one of them has been the trip we took to the pumpkin patch.

Duck races are the highlight of any pumpkin fest challenge. The more water you pump in the faster your duck goes... Sadly every time I tried it didn't go so well. 

Who doesn't love a brother sister challenge, especially when your teams are rivals as well?

 I have to say this is the most fun I had watching them do this challenge the hampster wheel. Something to but it makes things go so much better if you can figure out how to stay on your feet.
The beginning of the colors changing and the beginning of the crisp air. Always something to look forward too.
Each time I go to some place with my family I remember how happy we were while we were there. I love traveling, someday maybe we can make it as digital nomads.


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