The ice cream fiasco

My thing in life is I don't like to lie to people. It is who I am. It begins to be more stress if you are lying to people and can't remember the lie that you came up with in the first place. So I don't lie. When I am accused of lying to people I take huge offense to that. Huge! Offense! So Today being national walk your child to school day which my school district isn't celebrating until Friday for some odd reason, made me look like a liar because I was just going by what is on the calendar that I was given.

Long story short I ended my day with ice cream. While I didn't purchase any I got it out of my freezer from a few days ago the case is none the less important that while eating Paleo and low carb you shouldn't eat ice cream. Well today it was either ice cream or get plastered drunk. I choose the better of the two and decided to eat ice cream. Look at each day as some sort of enlightenment and after that find the positive and keep going!

I had to look at myself long and hard today and I found that ALL humans love to feel appriciated. This is where I am going to continue to look at the mirror and tell myself I am worth it!

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