The Pumpkin Craze

Funny story I am one of those people that doesn't like to do things because everyone else is doing them. But to be honest it's hard not to follow the pumpkin craze. I realized in may that it is impossible to find pumpkin seeds in any other season other than fall. I also realized that i am in love with MC Donald's pumpkin spice latte. 

The creamy smooth sweetness and the delicious taste of the pumpkin spice that hits your taste buds just right. This is no joke, I love this drink. 

There are also amazing chips called pumpkin seed chips that are gluten free. Those are also super uber amazing as well! Those I found secretly at Aldis and they are good with both sweets and with salty things oh and hummus they are delicious with the red pepper hummus! 

Sometimes you just can't stop eating pumpkin seeds! 

So this blog post was my ode to the pumpkin! Haha

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