Weight loss Week 1

Weightloss Week 1

This week has been one of the more challenging weeks. We started a weight loss diet where we are basically no/low carb and Paleo. Meaning no breads more meats and protein but we are still eating cheeses. Problem happens when you are eating this way. You need to up your fiber or your are not going to going any time soon.

This happened to us. We have been struggling in this area all week. So in the end today we opted to have a Chinese food picnic and a burger and cheese curds with ice cream for dinner and a later dinner... But here is the thing.  To be honest here I used to eat possibly 3 burgers by my self, plus fries. I would sometimes order two double burgers. So would Momma N. Tonight we split a small beef and broccoli and split the cheese burger the cheese curds but we each had our own ice creams and we made zucchini noodles to go with the beef and broccoli.

So I do not think that tonight's dinner was hopeless. Not at all we are really limiting how much we are eating out. Tonight was our one cheat night and for the rest of the week we must figure it out.. Even on our mini get away this weekend we have to decide if we are giving up eating out next week to do it this weekend.

In the past we were eating out some times 3 meals a day because we could and because we were just so busy we didn't cook. Now I think cooking is starting to grow on us. It helps us teach little bear where he next meal is going to come from and what is going to be in it...

In the past 7 days I have lost 7 lbs --- Momma N has lost 10 lbs. We will see what this week brings!

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