Weight Loss Week 2

Welcome to another hapless post about my amazing trip down the weight loss trail... Sadly we have hit a wall. With in the first two weeks we saw our pounds just disappear we are not even sure where they went with how fast they went. And now they just decided to stick around on week two. While we have changed our eating habits, we fell pray to some bad things again once we went on our mini vacation. We came down to figuring out what we were having for dinner and we ate out almost every meal.

So I expect to go home from our vacation and look at the scale and be discouraged. But my mind tells me not to be discouraged because even though I may have not eaten things like I should have I didn't really over do it. So we will see what the scale says after our vacation but the best news will be when I can say I am in the 220's and I am feeling amazing!

This is my Little Bear and I *mommajbear* at the homecoming football game  we root our team on in the freezing cold! YAY us! 

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