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Weight Loss Motivation

Weight loss is something I've struggled with ever since little bear was born, I got extremely large when I had her, 8 years later it's not a mom baby weight issue any more. Now it is my fault and I need to step up and take care of it. I am tired of doing what I've always done. When I met my wife, I was down to 190 but love and acceptance let that go. So I am un accepting it and getting healthy and fit.

No one else can do this journey for me and as my inspirational person Jillian Micheals Says:

So I am going to work hard and we will see what kind of results come from this. I am only putting one goal out there by next Christmas I want to be down to at least 155. The only person can do that for me is me!


The Best Christmas Ever...

This year was the year we broke the news to little bear about Santa's true identity. This was a tough decision because we didn't want it ruined by some child at school and we didn't want her to be completely heart broken when we told her the big bad secret. So after reading a letter about how another parent did it, we decided to take a twist on that and make little bear her own Santa. We had adopted a family that was in need of presents and that wouldn't get any without our help. She became their Santa, she picked out presents helped wrap them and delivered them to the place where they needed to go. All of this lead up to us telling her that she is now old enough to be Santa. This ease in to it, by her buying presents for other people helped her realize that being a Santa for someone else is an honor. We explained to her if she didn't believe in being a Santa, she would not get gifts, because this is how the grinch became a grinch, by not being happy and believing…

Staying Positive with the looming of Depression

I am depressed. Yes, I did just type that. I am depressed about many different situations in my life currently plus seasonal depression that creeps in on my and decides that it is going to just stay in my brain until spring time.

I am in a constant battle with my brain daily. Knowing that you have a problem is step one in any situation. I am constantly trying to win back the blank stares out the windows, the endless quietness in my brain or the numbing feeling in my body when I decide it's time for me to check out. It brings me back to me after a few short minutes, but then the anxiety kicks in and the problems of not being good enough at life come back to being the fore runner in my brain.

Why am I posting a blog about being depressed and having anxiety? Well because it also controlling my weight, my eating is out of control and I am at the largest I've ever been. So once I see that, that brings back my anxiety.

I have depression and I want to tell it to go fuck off. So I am …