The Best Christmas Ever...

This year was the year we broke the news to little bear about Santa's true identity. This was a tough decision because we didn't want it ruined by some child at school and we didn't want her to be completely heart broken when we told her the big bad secret. So after reading a letter about how another parent did it, we decided to take a twist on that and make little bear her own Santa. We had adopted a family that was in need of presents and that wouldn't get any without our help. She became their Santa, she picked out presents helped wrap them and delivered them to the place where they needed to go. All of this lead up to us telling her that she is now old enough to be Santa. This ease in to it, by her buying presents for other people helped her realize that being a Santa for someone else is an honor. We explained to her if she didn't believe in being a Santa, she would not get gifts, because this is how the grinch became a grinch, by not being happy and believing. She fully understood and we are grateful that she took it with such ease and happiness.

With that big problem being out of the way it opened up discussion for other things like the easter bunny and the tooth fairy, which all were explained as well. I think this also opens up a whole new level of fun for us, because now we can make things eventful and more memorable instead of just materialistic.  I am all for memories, making memories is one of my favorite things to do as a family. Going some place seeing something or doing something is always one of my goals any where we go. So I am excited to bring more Christmas adventures forward now, that we can look at other things other than just gifts.

This year was a great year all around. I am happy to have bonded with little bear, I am happy to have shown her that just because it isn't real doesn't mean you can't believe and I am happy that she is getting to the age of understanding things. Make's me a little nervous for the next years Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family... ( We might as well sneak a little Happy New Year to all as well )

Momma J -

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