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Fun Family Adventures and having Anxiety

Sometimes doing things that don't cost much or anything are some of the best things to do. Recently my younger brother asked if we wanted to come ride his UTV. It was one of the funnest things I've done in a long time. While my anxiety kicks up all of the time in the most in a random situations, and sadly I've passed that on to little bear. I have decided that I am going to take a few extra get out of my bubble situations. This was one of those situations. I enjoyed just riding around, almost eating the windshield because we hit a large jump, and the fact that little bear tried something new and didn't just keep saying no.

 Little Bear and Momma N

Some of the large bumps that were plowed for extra fun.

Getting out of my comfort zone is tough, I don't really know what to do or where to go with certain things, how to feel about certain situations or why I should even do these things. Then I think of some of the other things I could be doing and remember that it coul…

30 day challenge Day 18

Well here we are on another day. Today was cheat day... Mainly because I ate potatoes and cheese. But it was truly delicious and I still feel good about myself. I am fully prepared to do a few extra crunches tonight though.

Some positives : I have been looking in to Self betterment books I am trying to be a better person. I am trying to implement things I am learning in the positivity and the leadership books to help me with my depression and my not knowing what to do with my life.

I am also still trying to figure out our next move, which doesn't exactly mean move. It basically is the term for trying to figure out where to go next in life.

Third is I really want to be a better person with out the bouts of depression.

Some more positives: I saw a cave... yep in my chest right above my fat roll and below well you know the lovely ladies, it was a dip... in my skin/chest/sternum I feel like I am on that emotional path of losing all this amazing weight.

Well tonight is short because I …

Ice Castles Day Trip

My family and I decided to take a day trip to see the Ice Castles, while there are some amazing things to look at learning more about them made me want to go back again to see them in a different way.

Did you know that it will change every day? I didn't know this, now I would love to go do some photography in the ice castles I think that would be something super amazing at night, but if you are interested you should see if they are in your area! Depending on the weather they stay up till March if you are lucky.

I am sharing some of my favorite images from the trip.

Each of these are hand formed, while it doesn't seem like that it looks more like fountains  Knowing more facts helps make this experience so much more awesome. When you go in the daylight you just see people taking selfies and it's not all that exciting. But when the sun goes down everything changes. You will also want to dress and be prepared. 
Definitely go and learn about the ICE CASTLES and find some near y…

30 Day Challenge Day 17

WOAH- Day 17

I have made it another sad attempt to eat better. Today I felt a little extra hungry. It was a little tough for me today. I decided that I was going to eat a chicken salad for lunch and then had a spaghetti dinner with zucchini noodles and turkey meatballs. But then I had to have mashed avocado and tuna as well. Today I felt like I needed a little more oomph to my food.

Listening to my body is something I am learning how to do. I am listening to more than just I WANT but what I need.

I did do some extra steps today I worked a little harder on getting some weight off and putting a few extra steps on my Fitbit.

I am trying to remember what I am doing this for and why I want to be healthy. I want to be around for more than just a short time. I don't want to be in pain any more and I want to have more energy to play with little bear. 
Well that is today's update! After the thaw of our LARGE ice storm I am hoping the rest of the week is quite less eventful in the weath…

Paleo Dinners on the go

Eating Paleo while out on the town or being away from home is hard, most times you don't know what they are cooking with or even where you will be eating. This whole month we are sticking to not eating out, our family has not paid for a meal out in a fast food restaurant so far this year. While putting in the words this year makes it feel like it is a long time, it's only been a few weeks. This last few weeks have been extremely helpful thought, I've lost a few pounds and saved some money in my wallet.

Paleo dinners on the go is something I've been working on for a little while. Mainly because I am not eating out we are looking at bringing food with us, now that may mean we eat in the car and just join some friends for drinks or we eat these in the car and go on our day instead of going to a restaurant and buying something over priced and not healthy for you.

I have compiled my top 5 Paleo meals on the go for you below!

1. Spring Breakfast Chicken Soup 2.  Left over T…

30 Day Challenge Day 16

The one thing that has been consistent during this challenge is that I have been logging my food.

Tonight I feel the urge to eat, I had dinner I enjoyed dinner but now I just want to eat what ever I can find like dinner wasn't enough. I feel like I should just stop eating but my stomach just keeps protesting.

Week three of this is getting harder and harder for me to figure out what I am suppose to be doing to lose weight other than the diet. I know I need to SWEAT, but I never exert myself to that point.
I always get almost there and then stop working out because I just get tired. I need a motivator. * Jillian Micheals if you happen to stumble across this blog, I would love to have you as a trainer ;) * Ok, even though that's not a joke in all seriousness. I can NOT do this any more I need to feel like I am burning some calories. I know the process of losing weight, I know what I should be doing I just can't get my fat ass to do it.

Today we are iced in. The Cave Mom's…

Setting Goals for Weight Loss

I was lucky enough to have the great Mary Beth West from Pushing Through Boundaries write about goal setting and weight loss. Check out this post and join in on her free goal setting sheet!

A New Year feels like a clean slate, a second (or third, or fourth) chance to make dreams happen THIS year. We start the year dreaming of how THIS year we will lose weight, get in shape, or feel more confident in our skin. But fast forward life to February, it’s obvious most people do not stay consistent in making their dreams a reality. Eating ice cream on a comfy couch seems way more appealing than humus and hot yoga.
Don’t misunderstand me...I speak of broken “New Year’s Resolutions” with my own experience as an example. For many years I promised myself I would the lose weight that  crept on after the start of family life and job stress. Those pounds were sneaky! They made a home on my hips, thighs, and belly so quickly that it was easy to miss at first. Until my clothes didn’t fit and I was buyin…

Losing Momentum, and Weight loss update

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So this is week three. Week three is upon me and I am looking at the mirror like really, you've done nothing to better your self this past week. Well that is true. My dear monthly friend came to visit, why well because PCOS decided when those lovely little eggs are going to drop and it's never the same time EVER... SO this week was that week. And I ATE like a pig all week.

I also found out I've been jipping my self on food, when things call for a tablespoon, I've been using a Teaspoon. I knew that they are different sizes problem is that the tablespoon is missing, and all my teaspoon says is 1 because it wore off, so NOW I realize that I am able to have a little more of what I have been eating.

This week I have logged almost 10 ice cream bars, NOT GOOD! (and a brownie and a half) in sweets. I caved hard this week.

So back to the trails it is more…

30 day Challenge Day 4

Oh day 4 the shopping and fast food woes... I am sitting in my living room wishing for a giant gallon of ice cream and some hot pretzels from DQ, Yes. That is something I was hoping for today. But instead I had 2 cups of veggie juice, and I am deciding that tonight I am going to treat my self to to a glass of almond milk with chocolate in it.

I worked out for 10-20 mins it felt like 50 but I know that isn't a fact. I also still haven't eaten all my calories for today, so I'd be excited to see what the scale looks like for week one. Again my goal is 3 pounds a week.

So stay tuned!


Week one update- Weight Loss

Whew, SO much has happened in the past week, it was awesome. I wasn't able to keep up with the 30 day post a day because of work right now but, Guess what I am prepared and preparing for another 30 day challenge for next month. In the mean time. I am still working hard here is this week's update!

Also week one update:

Stay tuned for More updates!

30 Day Challenge Day 3

Oh MAN, Eating out and eating at other peoples homes is tough. While I am a huge lover of eating out, I said we were going to go one whole month without spending money eating out. I know we can do this and we can make our selves better by sticking to what we are eating. Lifestyle changes are tough because you are so used to doing things the way that you have been doing they for years. All of the sudden you are throwing a wrench in the mix like Bam I don't know what you are doing here. So I am helping give you a few reminders about eating at other peoples houses for dinner and how to make your lifestyle change or "diet" a little better and easier on your self.

How to eat at other people's homes while on a "diet" or changing your lifestyle. 
1. Be prepared, know exactly what they are cooking. While each person is different most people see it as you are doing something they might be wanting to do but don't have the will power to do so. So they may not coo…

30 Day Challenge - Day 2

Alright I am ready to talk about working out...

I don't go as hard as I should when I am working out.  There I said it. I am Fat & Lazy I consider my self working out as long as I am moving more than I usually do. I can't remember one time I've worked out to the point of dripping sweat.

So I have challenged my self a little more, I am going to do some Zumba. I find it a little challenging at first but it is fun for me to dance along and pretend I know what I am doing.

I used this website ZUMBA to find a local class, as well as work on it at home from youtube videos you can find HERE.

Check out tomorrow's post and we can get more information on how I am doing with my walking this week...

30 Day Challenge - Day 1

This morning I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to do certain things instead of moving like I should have been.  This on top of being busy at work, I wasn't able to meet my step goal. I don't have much room to walk in my apartment, and outside is freezing rain... so what do I do more ab workouts in stead. I had enough time to watch a movie and do tons of different ab workouts while watching this movie.

They are currently screaming at me right now.  I even danced in the kitchen to up my step count a little bit, but dang my abs are seriously tired.

Moving more is something a little harder for me to do, I am used to sitting around doing nothing.

So here is my challenge to you today, go and dance. put on some good music and move more than you should any other day.

Tomorrow I think I am going to do a little more yoga, more meal tracking and bringing in some Zumba to get out and do a little more exercise. Tomorrow I will crush my step count!  I am also working on meal…

30 day challenge January 2017

You are looking at a new challenge for the next thirty days we will be working on ourselves.

If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable to motivate you to get your butt going, Well that is what I am here to do.

Our cut of the Thirty Days will be taking the things below out of our diet, as well as becoming more active.

* Workouts * We are looking at 30 days of Yoga.
We are also looking at moving more so 5k steps or more a day and we are looking at doing exercises like kickboxing and Zumba.

* Cutting From Our Diet * We are looking to cut artificial sugars, carbs and starches from our diet this month. 
Last month we already took out the soda, the headaches and the withdraw symptoms were so hard to deal with at first but now we have a little bit better handle on that. 
Lets get this challenge started! 
Let us know what you are ready to cut out of your diet! 
Join us in our journey, Sign up for the daily newsletter about our weight loss journey. 

New Year, New Me! Let it go

Yesterday was tough for me, I sat at work mad at the world, annoyed at little things that at the big scan of life didn't matter. But I though to my self why do I make such a big deal out of little things. Through out the day, I let a lot of it go but still held on to some of it. Then I got home to spend some time with my wife before we went out and still I couldn't let it go. I brought it home and spread it to her. While she listened, and told me she didn't want to hear my problems any more, the more I got pissed off. Thinking why should I be the one that carries all the problems on my shoulders.

Then it came to me, just as quick as it did on frozen... Let it go. Let it ALL go. and STOP! There is nothing that is going to change your current position unless you change it your self.

So I let my hate and annoyances go, and had a great time at a party last night.

It is the year to make my self better and to do me so I am going to stop worrying about petty bullshit get my game …