30 Day Challenge Day 16

The one thing that has been consistent during this challenge is that I have been logging my food.

Tonight I feel the urge to eat, I had dinner I enjoyed dinner but now I just want to eat what ever I can find like dinner wasn't enough. I feel like I should just stop eating but my stomach just keeps protesting.

Week three of this is getting harder and harder for me to figure out what I am suppose to be doing to lose weight other than the diet. I know I need to SWEAT, but I never exert myself to that point.
I always get almost there and then stop working out because I just get tired. I need a motivator. * Jillian Micheals if you happen to stumble across this blog, I would love to have you as a trainer ;) * Ok, even though that's not a joke in all seriousness. I can NOT do this any more I need to feel like I am burning some calories. I know the process of losing weight, I know what I should be doing I just can't get my fat ass to do it.

Today we are iced in. The Cave Mom's home base is in Wisconsin. We are potentially under snow 6-7 months of the year. This year seems to be a little different and we are running on ICE yes I meant that bitterly and well seriously. Today I almost ate my van twice because the parking lot at my job was so slippery that I slipped twice and almost fell once. Not cool. So I am stuck indoors, which brings other exercises that I must say are so super amazing that I rather not waste the time to figure out how they are doing these things.

It's pure laziness, that brings on depression, that lets the demons multiply and breed and then they take over my little mind and cause me anxiety.

I must find Motivation! I must find STRENGTH!

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