30 day challenge Day 18

Well here we are on another day. Today was cheat day... Mainly because I ate potatoes and cheese. But it was truly delicious and I still feel good about myself. I am fully prepared to do a few extra crunches tonight though.

Some positives : I have been looking in to Self betterment books I am trying to be a better person. I am trying to implement things I am learning in the positivity and the leadership books to help me with my depression and my not knowing what to do with my life.

I am also still trying to figure out our next move, which doesn't exactly mean move. It basically is the term for trying to figure out where to go next in life.

Third is I really want to be a better person with out the bouts of depression.

Some more positives: I saw a cave... yep in my chest right above my fat roll and below well you know the lovely ladies, it was a dip... in my skin/chest/sternum I feel like I am on that emotional path of losing all this amazing weight.

Well tonight is short because I have a little extra work to do tonight... and DON'T be surprised if you don't see a post for the rest of the week... I am going on a mini vacation ;) ( or a work Christmas party and well you know I need to prepare )


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