30 Day Challenge Day 3

Oh MAN, Eating out and eating at other peoples homes is tough. While I am a huge lover of eating out, I said we were going to go one whole month without spending money eating out. I know we can do this and we can make our selves better by sticking to what we are eating. Lifestyle changes are tough because you are so used to doing things the way that you have been doing they for years. All of the sudden you are throwing a wrench in the mix like Bam I don't know what you are doing here. So I am helping give you a few reminders about eating at other peoples houses for dinner and how to make your lifestyle change or "diet" a little better and easier on your self.

How to eat at other people's homes while on a "diet" or changing your lifestyle. 

1. Be prepared, know exactly what they are cooking.

While each person is different most people see it as you are doing something they might be wanting to do but don't have the will power to do so. So they may not cook foods that you are wanting to eat, but more foods you use to eat. You have to be prepared that they have not taken your wishes in to consideration, But ASK what they are having, this is best the day of because people can change their minds so quickly or we run out of one thing and make another. 

2. Bring your own food just in case.

Prepare something for your self and bring it along, this is a great way to make sure you have something that you can eat as well as be apart of the dinner party. If they have something there you like or can eat then place it in the fridge and eat it at your next meal, think of it as meal prepping in advance then. But in the off chance there is something there you can't eat you are prepared to still have a great time. 

3. Offer to bring a side dish or something that is your diet friendly.

Another option is to bring something for everyone. Bringing something you can eat helps everyone have a taste of what you are doing or are eating now and it helps you feel comfortable in your choices.

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