30 day challenge January 2017

You are looking at a new challenge for the next thirty days we will be working on ourselves.

If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable to motivate you to get your butt going, Well that is what I am here to do.

Our cut of the Thirty Days will be taking the things below out of our diet, as well as becoming more active.

* Workouts *

We are looking at 30 days of Yoga.
We are also looking at moving more so 5k steps or more a day and we are looking at doing exercises like kickboxing and Zumba.

* Cutting From Our Diet *

We are looking to cut artificial sugars, carbs and starches from our diet this month. 

Last month we already took out the soda, the headaches and the withdraw symptoms were so hard to deal with at first but now we have a little bit better handle on that. 

Lets get this challenge started! 

Let us know what you are ready to cut out of your diet! 

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