Losing Momentum, and Weight loss update

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So this is week three. Week three is upon me and I am looking at the mirror like really, you've done nothing to better your self this past week. Well that is true. My dear monthly friend came to visit, why well because PCOS decided when those lovely little eggs are going to drop and it's never the same time EVER... SO this week was that week. And I ATE like a pig all week.

I also found out I've been jipping my self on food, when things call for a tablespoon, I've been using a Teaspoon. I knew that they are different sizes problem is that the tablespoon is missing, and all my teaspoon says is 1 because it wore off, so NOW I realize that I am able to have a little more of what I have been eating.

This week I have logged almost 10 ice cream bars, NOT GOOD! (and a brownie and a half) in sweets. I caved hard this week.

So back to the trails it is more me no more off path stepping no matter how much chocolate I want I can have a glass of milk if it is really needed but, I think I will start doing better soon.

On a lighter note I was able to get all the meals prepped for work this week, which is kind of exciting. My wife and I will be eating salads all week, chicken salads mostly all week but that's ok. it is something that can be delicious.

I am also upping my exercise game this week. I want to hit my walking goal every day this week. So wish me luck!

Oh and some other cool things are happening this week, The start of guest bloggers and other random posts are beginning :) I am excited to bring The Cave Moms in to a whole new light! 


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