New Year, New Me! Let it go

Yesterday was tough for me, I sat at work mad at the world, annoyed at little things that at the big scan of life didn't matter. But I though to my self why do I make such a big deal out of little things. Through out the day, I let a lot of it go but still held on to some of it. Then I got home to spend some time with my wife before we went out and still I couldn't let it go. I brought it home and spread it to her. While she listened, and told me she didn't want to hear my problems any more, the more I got pissed off. Thinking why should I be the one that carries all the problems on my shoulders.

Then it came to me, just as quick as it did on frozen... Let it go. Let it ALL go. and STOP! There is nothing that is going to change your current position unless you change it your self.

So I let my hate and annoyances go, and had a great time at a party last night.

It is the year to make my self better and to do me so I am going to stop worrying about petty bullshit get my game face on and put my bitch face in the closet. This year I am going to change somethings and be a better me.

January 1st 2017 I weight:

My game plan is to eat less calories, I am going on a 1200 calorie diet. None of those calories will be drinks, (except coffee) most of my diet will be protein. My goal is to lose 10 lbs a month. 

My Fitbit goals for this month are 5k steps per day and 3 sets of stairs with 20 minutes of Activity.

Now lets motivate you. I am also doing a 30 day challenge that starts tomorrow. Mainly because there are 31 days this month. So if you are interested in joining please sign up to get the newsletter so you can get the daily burst of motivation, and get a little insight on the challenge.


I am going to do 30 day's of YOGA, Calorie counting, water drinking, walking and so much more! I am going to lose 10 lbs this month. 

Don't forget to join in and keep up with losing weight with me as well. 

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