Paleo Dinners on the go

Eating Paleo while out on the town or being away from home is hard, most times you don't know what they are cooking with or even where you will be eating. This whole month we are sticking to not eating out, our family has not paid for a meal out in a fast food restaurant so far this year. While putting in the words this year makes it feel like it is a long time, it's only been a few weeks. This last few weeks have been extremely helpful thought, I've lost a few pounds and saved some money in my wallet.

Paleo dinners on the go is something I've been working on for a little while. Mainly because I am not eating out we are looking at bringing food with us, now that may mean we eat in the car and just join some friends for drinks or we eat these in the car and go on our day instead of going to a restaurant and buying something over priced and not healthy for you.

I have compiled my top 5 Paleo meals on the go for you below!

1. Spring Breakfast Chicken Soup

2.  Left over Turkey Salad

3. Jar Salad Recipes

4. Bacon Wrapped Franks

these we substitute whole pork or chicken because of allergies

5.  Greek Gyro Burger

substitute the bun for romaine lettuce but haven't officially tried this in this form. I made the recipe and made it just fork to mouth lol.. Delicious.

So next time meal prep your food and take something with you so you won't have to eat out!


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