Review: The Admirer | Karelia Stetz-Waters

Review: The Admirer | Karelia Stetz-Waters

Title: The Admirer
Written By: Karelia Stetz-Waters
Pages in book: 308 pages
Book purchased or given: Purchased
Form: E-Book
Review:   * * * * *
Book Description: 
A serial killer “makes” perfect women by amputating their legs. A troubled girl walks knowingly into the killer’s arms. An ambitious college president spirals toward madness. Helen Ivers is still reeling from her sister’s recent suicide when she takes a position as the president of Pittock College. The isolated campus seems like a good place to recover, but shortly after she arrives, two severed human legs are found bound to the train tracks. The local police explain away the gruesome occurrence, but Helen is convinced the police chief, and maybe the whole town, is covering for a killer. She embarks on her own investigation, but she begins to doubt herself as nightmares of her sister’s suicide become waking hallucinations and everyone discounts her fears. The only person who shares her apprehensions is a young professor whose aggressive sexual advances are as frightening and alluring as impending madness - a woman who is either Helen’s only ally or the killer.

This book is amazing, it kept me guessing at every turn. I love to have a little thrill every now and then I bout this book based on the cover. I sat there kind of creep-ed out staring at the picture and then after I got over that I was intrigued I wanted to know about this book what made it look so pulling. I mean from the book blurb to the cover everything just fit together. So when reading this book I sat there in awe that this book was so well written and so well capitavating that I couldn’t put it down. This book is well plotted and planned with twists and turns all through out the book. If you like thrills this book has it. I can’t imagine the things written about in this book but wow it is more than amazing.

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