It's a Universal Day - Our Guide to traveling & doing theme parks

Universal Studio's & Adventure Island

Going to Universal was something that I had been hoping for years. I am a parent who loves adventures, but not rides. So this year we got to take a trip to Universal. We only got to spend one short day there, so we didn't get to see or do / experience everything we would have loved to. I say it's a great place to go for older children. 

Ages 9 and up would love this place. Bring Walking shoes and schedule more than one day. 

Those are my huge tips haha. With having a daughter who has sensitive skin and allergies, and us being from a different part of the U.S. we didn't know how she was going to handle things. So we brought her walking shoes, which didn't allow her feet to breathe, and since we were trying to cram all of this two park experience in to one day we were "hoofing" it.  Her feet were so raw from everything that day that we didn't know what to do for the next two days at Disney. 

 So these are my tips for one day at Universal.   By the way this is not sponsored by anyone and these are my own opinions Universal has not compensated us in anyway by writing about this. 

If you are only doing one day, plan what you want to see. There are two parks. While I love the history of the original Universal and miss some of the rides that used to be there, Most people will enjoy the Universal Adventure Park, That includes part of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, King Kong, and well the Comic Universe. The Orginial park has things like ET, Fifel's Play ground, sponge bob, and Simpsons & many more. 

Pick things that will make your adventure the best, Don't try to do it all you will exhaust your self and you will not be able to see and do everything. I do wish we could go back for a few days just so we can experience everything. They had some nice looking hotels right attached to the the grounds, so you can / so it seems Wake up and go right to the park.  Along with many fine restaurants that you would be able to eat at with out even leaving the grounds. 

My top things to see there were The Train that takes you from park to park, that was neat and the Harry Potter world's them selves. But I have to say my two FAVORITES were the Comic worlds & Jurassic park.  Then the history / vintage feel of the original worlds like the buildings that were built in the "50's style" those things always speak to my heart. 

I would recommend buying the cups that are refillable. They are able to be filled every 10 minutes almost anywhere in the park for one price, we started off bringing our own water bottles, but the water that came out of the bubblers was even warm no matter how long you waited, seems to be a Florida thing so I was told.  So to get cooler water or a beverage, use the awesome universal cups they have, they are worth it. 

My last tip, is if you are a potter head, and you REALLY want a wand, well I say do it. It makes the experience a little more fun to just play the little games they have around for them.

Possibly someday I will make it back there with more time to do more amazing things. Until then let me know your thoughts!

Have you been to Universal, What are your favorites?

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