Road Trip Playlists

Playlists for road trips are very essential

There are a few things I can't handle very well radio static is one of them, so we purchased Sirius XM for our car for long trips, this is good but the issue comes in that we don't really LOVE the stations & we get stuck listening to the same music over and over and over. So we bought Spotify. Spotify has become like a haven for us. 

Listening to it almost EVERYWHERE we possibly can, and having it has made things so much nicer, we have purchased the family plan so that all of us can listen to our own music when ever we want. 

After doing MUCH research asking the interwebs and figuring out which has the best benifits we came across that Spotify is the best bang for our buck. 

We are Apple users, everything we own is Apple, so we thought magically that we should do Apple Music, but I didn't like that the family had to have family sharing set up, and even though we do have it set up because we like to share our apps so we don't have to keep purchasing them from on member to another I don't like the way the music was laid out for their play lists either. 

I am also an Amazon Prime member, this means that I get Amazon Prime Music included in with my membership, I love that this was included in something that I am already paying for. Problem is that I would have to teach everyone how to figure out where to do the offline versions, that would be too difficult because it really was tucked in and away for this app. 

We looked in to Pandora, Google Music, Tidal, and Slacker radio. These didn't even rank so I didn't give them another chance. So then moving to Spotify. 

The user interface is nice, the fact we can build our own playlists, have them created for us, or search for music we want to listen to is awesome. Also the download ability in the pro version is awesome for the car rides, so I don't have to flip through music and figure out what I am going to be listening too. 

Connecting it to MY car was easy enough by just turning on Bluetooth and turning it on in my car, I am able to listen to my downloaded lists with out using my data on my phone. 

Which are you using and why? Give me a shout on twitter and I'll answer some questions or we can share some playlists. 

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